About me


As a little boy, I bought a fake camera. I had no idea how to use it, just loved clicking imaginary photos just by looking through a tiny viewfinder and clicking the fake shutter.

After years, I bought a small camera with the money I earned by myself for 6 months. Then, I starved for 3 months because I used up all the money I was supposed to save up for living. But I was happy.

Now, I am a freelance photographer who is happy to shoot memorable photos of special moments, weddings and portraits. I am also an avid traveller. I love going to new places, learning new things and meeting interesting people. I’m not the bubbliest person but I blend.

I love technology. I have used all major and many minor camera brands and still enjoying challenges I meet with new technology. I’ve used Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Minolta (now Sony), Sigma, Fujifilm, Kodak, etc. However, I’m not faithful to any single brand. I know that photography is not of the gears, but of the heart.

I am married to a beautiful wife who I’ve been in long-distance relationship for 9 years before we got married. She is a generous soul who actually helps me out as an assistant. While I have a day job to support my family’s living, I have the best support from my wife to chase the dream I’ve been dreaming all my life, being a photographer.

As of 25th February 2014, I am a proud father of a son, Jeremiah. He is just a cute little boy who reminds me of my father and myself.

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Born in Seoul, Korea.
Moved to New Zealand in 1994.
Freelance Photographer since 2002.
Studied Lv6 Professional Photography at CPIT in 2008.
Silver Award in NZIPP iris competition 2008. Students/Assitants.
Exhibition by CreativeNZ in 2008