Fujifilm X100s

Ok, so I had this plan to go through all cameras I’ve ever used since the beginning of my photography journey. But then I realised as time goes and technology advances, there isn’t much point of sharing older digital cameras in depth. Because things just got so much better, and mostly, cheaper. So here’s a … More Fujifilm X100s

Fujifilm X-Pro1

How much do I love you With so much love, I bought this camera twice. I sold it twice. The first time I sold this camera, I thought I was better than that. Then I realised, I wasn’t. It’s the second time I sold it, I’m in love with someone else now. So, this is … More Fujifilm X-Pro1

Back on again!

<photo: X-T1, XF 10-24mm F4, Godox V850, and remote trigger with wifi> It has been a tough year till now. Ever since my son was born earlier this year, I have decided to put off my advertising so I can pay more attention to the family, and have more time with the baby. I’ve been … More Back on again!